Salts Mill, Saltaire

in Saltaire
Salts Mill, Saltaire, Yorkshire

Explore the wonderful world of Salt’s Mill in Saltaire, a place for art, dining and shopping in one stunning historic building.

The Mill opened in 1853, and is the centrepiece of Sir Titus Salt’s utopian vision of Saltaire – a village he built to house his workers, and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cloth production at Salts finally ceased in 1986, and the following year the mill was purchased by the late Jonathan Silver, who re-imagined it as a place where culture and commerce could thrive together.

The 1853 Gallery – named after the year the mill opened – is unique. It displays many of local (and internationally renowned) artist David Hockney’s paintings, etchings, and drawings. Art materials and art books are for sale too, dotted around this vast and inspiring space. Like all of the Mill it’s free to enter.

In the 3rd Floor Gallery, you’ll find Hockney’s ‘The Arrival of Spring’ collection. This set of original works were drawn by Hockney on his iPad in 2011, and printed at an incredible scale.

If you enjoy shopping, then take time to explore the many independent shops in the mill which include everything from bikes and outdoor gear, to antiques and jewellery. Stroll around the Salts Book and Poster shop and browse in The Home a luxury home ware and furniture shop.

There’s also a range of options for a quick bite to eat or a sit-down meal, surrounded by Hockney’s works in the Salts Diner, or in the Mill’s best kept secret, Café in to the Opera.


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